Turning Again–December

Just a few weeks ago, we hosted a community-based course here at the office—“Organizing for the Long Haul” with Bob Zellner and Ann Atwater. On our way to meet Ann at her home, we stopped at the mural in downtown Durham where Ann is memorialized alongside her unlikely friend, C.P. Ellis, the former leader of Durham’s KKK. When we got to Ann’s house, one of the group members asked her, “What made it possible for you to become friends with a Klansman—for the two of you to work together for justice?”

“Something brought us together,” Ann said. “And once we were together, you couldn’t separate us.”

We want to thank you for being part of that “something” that continues to bring unlikely friends together to build up a new world, right here in the shell of the old. As we look to 2015, we’re excited to announce that SFC is bringing on board a new Operations Director to help us carve out more spaces for surprising friendships.

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